Dalbello Kyra 85 Womens Ski Boots '14/15

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Regular Price: $399.95

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The ideal blend of fit and performance for skiers seeking to conquer the entire mountain. Lightweight construction, easy entry & exit and lower contour profile cuff provide for a women's specific fit favored by skiers looking to excel in comfort. Developed for athletic intermediate skiers who ski a wide variety of terrain at moderate speeds, The Kyra 85 features all the essential fit and technology of the Kyra 95, built with a lighter weight construction. Featuring TRUFIT Sport custom fit inner boots and special women's-only appointments. The Kyra 85 is a smooth flexing, versatile performance ski boot for all mountain recreational skiers of all skill levels.

 Kyra 85 Features:

  • 102mm last
  • Adjustable heel inclinator
  • Dynalink absolute heel hold
  • 3-piece Cabrio design
  • Contour 4 Shell-fit
  • Ski/hike mechanism
  • Walking soles
  • Rockered upright stance geometry
  • 3 F516 Alu micro-adjustable buckles
  • Trufit 2.0 Sport Lady liner
  • 85 flex
  • Comfort Density Ulteva Foam
  • Microcell Insulated Forefoot Zone
  • Asymmetric Adaptive Comfort Toe Box
  • TRUFIT Performance Insole 

Ski boots are Dalbello's focus and passion. Their commitment to research and development and constant improvements continue to push the boundaries of ski boot technology and innovation. The 2014/15 range provides skiers of all types and performance levels the absolute best technology, design and quality.

The Kyra series is a women’s specific ski boot series developed for athletic and ambitious all mountain skiers seeking easy handling and great comfortable fitting boots. All of Dalbello’s women’s model constructions are lighter flexible than those used in the men’s models. Featuring unique fitting lasts specifically engineered for women’s foot morphology plus soft, warm, and highly cushioned textiles for enduring comfort and foothold.

The new Kyra 75 has been developed for skiers seeking the absolute best blend of performance and fit.  Designed to excel on any terrain with its versatile hike/ski functionality, this boot excels at getting you to the top of the mountain without sacrificing the downhill performance

Features and Benefits

Rocker Balanced Stance
All of the Kyra range feature the ‘Rocker Balanced Stance’ which gives a more upright  geometry engineered to improve edge to edge movement on new ski shapes featuring rocker..

Dynalink Rearfoot Retention
Another exclusive technology is Dalbello’s Dynalink Rearfoot Retention, which is a heel/instep closure that minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and shell distortion when flexing.

Cabrio Construction Kyra
This Kyra 85 boot is built using cabrio construction which incorporates three key components, clog, upper cuff and shell tongue in its base structure. What this means is the use of stiffer and stronger plastics in the clog can be used giving smoother power transmission and dynamic rebound. Also the flex of the boot can be controlled by the tongue giving a more progressive feel to the flex of the boot, while simultaneously dampening shock and absorbing vibrations. This creative shell design also makes the boot easy to get on and off!

New Convenient Ski & Hike Mechanism
Thin, lightweight, and compact. advanced function “Hike & Ski” control combines extended range of movement for easy walking and hiking, with solid, sensitive and powerful ski control. Feature enhanced with 2 positions flex control.

Trufit 2.0 Sport Lady Liner
This boot uses Dalbello’s Trufit 2.0 Sport Lady liner which has a precise and comfy fit right out of the box but they can also be heat formed to get a more custom feel. This liner also features an asymmetric adaptive toe box. All of Dalbello’s ‘Fit For Women’ liners have more rearfoot taper for better foot hold, more cushioning, softer liner, Thinsulate insulation and lower cuff heights.


The anatomical contours of the inside boot-shell and the inner boot lasts are perfectly mated to precisely map the shape of the typical high performance skier's foot. A little extra “space” is molded into the inside of the boot shell at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th met atarsal, & navicular. Out of the box, Contour 4 Fit Technology delivers all the comfort, precision, and control of a close fitting, low volume, high performance ski boot that has been “punched” and “stretched” by a custom bootfitter........with minimal need for “punching” or “stretching”. High performance has never felt so comfortable


Every TRUFIT innerboot may be personally custom formed at any time. No special boot fitting skills are required. The innerboot need not even be removed from the shell for this custom fitting procedure. Heating the TRUFIT skiboot with Dalbello's Heat Machine for 15 minutes is all it takes.


TRUFIT innerboots are 100% preformed and ready for try-on and skiing.......right out of the box! Ulteva foam is a pressure sensitive fit material that will automatically form to the foot. It is similar to memory foam, only more supportive and resilient. Most skiers will require no special fitting procedure.


Adaptive Comfort “stretch” toe box construction for improved comfort and fit.


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