Dave Pelz Putting Tutor


You will get helpful, immediate feedback with the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor.  Used and endorsed by Phil Mickelson, this training aid will improve green reading, square your putting face, and verify eye position.  

The Putting tutor will improve your green reading by allowing you to change the aim and discovering which works better.

The flat back of the Putting Tutor allows you to square the putter's face at address.

Eye position is improved with the stripes located at address.

The line down the middle of the Putting Tutor offers immediate feedback on the roll of the ball.  A pure strike follows the line.  There are 2 marbles on the front edge of the Putting Tutor that also offer immediate feedback.  Three positions, Standard, Pro and Super Pro, will tell you if your putt was a pure strike.  If your putt hits and dislodges a marble you know your putt was off line. 


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