Seemore FGP Putter

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The Seemore FGP putter line features the RifleScope Technology alignment aid.  Available in a blade, a blade with a center shaft and a mallet, this is an ideal putter for the golfers who prefer blades or small mallets.

Each putter is face-balanced, so it's balanced to the angle you putt and will return to square at impact.  Therefore it is easier to keep the putter face on the correct path for more consistent and accurate putts.

RifleScope Technology allows the golfer to have a consistent reference point when lining up the putter.  Each club head has 2 white lines on the topline of the putter behind the shaft, between which is a red dot.  When the putter is correctly aligned at address, the red dot disappears behind the shaft.  To make the visual aid even easier, the bottom part of the shaft is black.  Use this aid everytime, and you've aligned your putter the same way each time.


Original blade -  Cast 303 Stainless Steel head weighing 330gr with a 2.5° loft

Mallet - Cast 303 Stainless Steel head weighing 360gr with a 2.5° loft

Center blade - Cast 303 Stainless Steel head weighing 350gr with a 2.5° loft


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