Smith I/OX Interchangeable Goggles

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The Smith I/O X Goggles focuses on comfort and performance.   This goggle comes with an extra lens and is made with technology that will allow you to stay on the slopes all day.

Features include:

  • Extra large spherical lens enhances the peripheral vision.
  • 5X anti-fog technology absorbs 5 times the moisture, leaving your goggles fog-free.
  • Tapered Lens Technology -  the lens is tapered from the center toward the peripheral side resulting in no visual distortion  and less eye fatigue.
  • Vaporator seal and Porex filter - bonds 2 lenses together for breathability and less water vapor between the lens.
  • Quick release change system for easy switching between lenses.
  • Helmet compatible.
  • Eyeglass compatible with floating foam that eliminates temple pressure.
  • Ultra-wide silicone backed strap distributes pressure evenly around the head ensuring and ideal fit.
  • Rotating Outrigger Positioning system adjusts to a variety of face shapes and sizes without compromising the seal.
  • 3-layer DriWix face foam has a soft foam against the skin and dense foam near the lens, sandwiching a light foam in between.
  • Fits medium to large faces.
  • Micro-fiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve included.

Red and Green Sol-X lenses are great for bright sunny conditions, cutting glare and reducing eye fatigue.

Blue and Red Sensor mirror lenses maximize color definition and depth perception for varying levels of flat light conditions.

Ignitor mirror lens is a universal lens that enhances contrasts and depth perception in all conditions.

Black goggle comes with Red Sol-X and Blue Sensor Mirror lenses.

Charcoal goggle comes with Green Sol-X and Red Sensor Mirror lenses.

Shattered goggle comes with Ignitor lens and Blue Sensor Mirror lenses.


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