Superstroke Flatso 2.0

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Change your putter grip before changing your putter.  It could just be the change you need to lower your score.

The Superstroke Flatso features an unusual design that can change the way your putter feels and responds.

The Flatso pentagonal shape features one larger flat side.  This shape gives players consistency and repeatability in their strokes.

The unusual shape allows the player to easily remember where their hands are on the grip, making their putts more consistent.

The non-taper shape of the Superstroke grip also helps to eliminate wrist break, further raising the chances of lowering golf scores.

The Flatso comes in 3 sizes

1.0 - 1.10" in width, 10.5" in length and 85g

2.0 - 1.25" in width, 10.5" in length, and 50g

3.0 - 1.4" in width, 10.5" in length, and 60g


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