Swix CHX Hydrocarbon Wax 180G

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Swix designed its CHX Hydrocarbon Glide Wax for ski racing in extremely cold conditions, performing particularly well on artificial snow. Here is a list of the products we have available in 180g. Should you have any questions regarding these products please feel free to give our experts at Golf & Ski a call.

 SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH10 180 grams

  • CH10 = 10 C / 50 F to 0 C / 32 F
  • For very wet, saturated snow
  • Also a good wax for base prep
  • The preferred wax for use in 'hot boxes' and 'thermo bags' due to the high base penetration characteristics

SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH8 180 grams

  • CH8 = +4 C / 39 F to -4 C / 25 F
  • A very good, reliable and economical racing wax, as well as a general base prep wax and travel wax
SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH7 180 grams
  • CH7 = -2 C / 28 F to -8 C / 18 F
  • General purpose wax and travel wax because its range falls in the middle of the system
  • Good base bonding wax for other waxes
  • For summer training and glacier skiing provides good glide and base protection when mixed with CH3
SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH6 180 grams
  • 6 = -5 C / 23 F to -10 C / 14 F
  • For very cold, dry conditions alone or mix with other waxes to increase their durability
  • Common winter time temperature range plus the addition of some synthetic wax to further adapt the wax for man-made snow
  • Good wax for summer training on glacier snow
  • Good glide plus base protection
SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH5 180 grams
  • The 5 series is a new entry that fills a hardness gap between the 4 & 6 series while providing great durability and glide properties within its temperature range
  • CH5 = -8 C / 18 F to -14 C / 7 F
  • Easier to apply than the 4 series
SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax CH4 180 grams
  • For very cold, dry conditions alone or mix with other waxes to increase their durability
  • CH4 = -12 C / 10 F to -32 C / -25 F
  • Harder than LF4



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