Tour X Junior Putter

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Everyone needs a putter.  You don't have a complete set without the club that can put the ball in the hole.  The Tour X individual putter allows you to choose, by height and age, the appropriate size putter for your junior golfer.  The steel shafted, putter is a mallet style putter, with alignment aids, easy to see at address.  Starting your junior golfer off with the right size putter will allow them to achieve the correct form right from the start.

Sizes include:

Size 0 - Ages 5 and under - 3'2" and under, blue

Size 1 - Ages 5-7 - 3'2" to 3'10",  yellow

Size 2 - Ages 8-11 -  3'10" to 4'6" ,red

Size 3 - Ages 12 and over - 4'6" and over, silver


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