Winn Dritac Wrap Standard Grip


Grip your clubs with one of the most popular, all-weather grips available, the Winn Dritac wrap grip.

The features of the Winn grip constructed with polymer compounds are:

  • Tackier feel
  • More shock absorbing
  • comfortable

The benefits of using the Winn Dritac grips are:

  • More slip resistant in all kinds of weather conditions which means less grip pressure required promoting a smooth comfortable swing
  • More shock absorption means less stress on hands and body and more beneficial to arthritic and fatigued hands.

Available in different sizes as well, to accomodate different needs.

Most Winn grips are ideal for those with latex allergies since the gripping area is polymer and not rubber.

Winn constructs their grips in 2 pieces.  The inner part is made of either a rubber or lightweight compressed foam material.  The outer is the Winndry polymer material which is bonded to the inner piece.  The result is a durable, comfortable grip.

The softness offers maximum shock absorption making for a comfortable and pain free round of golf.  These grips are especially ideal for arthritic hands or hand fatigue situations.

Because of the material, when caring and maintaining your grips, simply use a soft cloth with a small amount of water or rubbing alcohol.  No need to use a brush or soapy water.

Available in different sizes to accomodate different needs.


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