XXIO9i 7-PW,SW Womens Graphite Set
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The XXIO9i Women's  series features Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.'s original Dual Speed Technology, which maximizes the efficiency of the your swing. The newest improvement to DST includes a boost in efficiency for the initial portion of the downswing.  

The XXIO9 series Irons feature the newest improvement to Dual Speed Technology, a boost in efficiency for the initial portion of the downswing. Lag is increased by utilizing a heavier hear and a lighter shaft with a higher balance point moving the CG closer to the grip. This improvement to the club brings the club head in tighter to the body of the golfer for a more efficient swing, which generates more centrifugal force (rotational speed) for increased head speed and greater distance.

5-piece head structure (#5-7) for an even lower center of gravity In addition to the nickel weight in the sole, engineers have placed high-density tungsten weights in the toe and heel. The result is a head with the lowest CG in XXIO history and a high heel-to-toe MOI. This 5-piece structure enables the ball to get airborne with ease and further improves the carry distance on miss-hits.


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