Callaway Epic Max Star Irons


One of the biggest challenges golfers face as they age is maintaining their clubhead speed.

You may be familiar with the issue, having lost some yardage over the years. 

What used to be a 7-iron shot now requires a 6-iron.  A pitching wedge distance a year ago is a 9-iron today.

Your ego doesn’t want to admit you need a lower loft, but the results say otherwise. 

This phenomenon is so prevalent that the golf industry has a name for it—‘force limited’ golfers.

Due to age or physiology, many players just don’t generate the clubhead speed they once did and have lost some distance as a result.

But never fear!  

Because there’s a great solution in the new Callaway Epic Max Star irons.

Specially designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, the new Callaway Epic Max Star irons are ultra-lightweight clubs, carefully constructed to maximize your distance with easy launch and an optimal combination of speed, spin and ball flight.

It’s all about improving performance for ‘force limited’ golfers, thanks to an ultra lightweight design.

Inside the Callaway Epic Max Star Irons

Callaway has retained all the performance from their unique Epic technology and made it available in a format that is a little easier to swing.

Specifically, we’re referring to Callaway’s 1025 forged head, an A.I.-created Flash Cup Face, a Tungsten Energy Core and the popular Callaway urethane microspheres. 

What sets the Callaway Epic Max Star irons apart is the whole artificial intelligence process that optimizes performance for slower swing speeds.

Forged Hollow Body Construction

Even though the Epic Max Star irons have a hollow body, that doesn’t mean the body is empty. Callaway has packed in plenty of tungsten and a good deal of urethane microspheres.

Callaway’s Tungsten Energy Core—a signature feature of the Callaway Apex line—creates a super-low center of gravity. This is ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds, looking to launch the ball higher easily.

In addition, the heel-toe weighting provides stability on off-center hits.

Injected Urethane Microspheres

Urethane microspheres are hollow spheres suspended in urethane and injected into the club head in very specific locations. 

This allows the clubface to still flex on impact.  As the face flexes, the urethane microspheres don’t impede the flexibility, so the golfer gets all the ball speed advantages. 

After impact, the urethane microspheres dampen vibration and enhance the quality feel.

Easy Launch, Increased Forgiveness

Increased ball speed is great, but you want to be able to launch the ball easily, and the new Callaway Epic Max Star irons deliver on that score, too.

They’re also very forgiving, thanks to the split tungsten weighting.

Enhanced Ball Speed

Callaway’s unique Flash Face architecture creates fast ball speeds and improved spin for every Epic Max Star iron. 

Bottom line: this set is engineered for the distance you want and the better control you need.

A Stunning Look & Meticulous Craftsmanship

Every Callaway Epic Max Star iron is designed with precision and finished with a striking Black Plasma PVD that reduces glare and helps to properly frame the club behind the ball.

All of which inspires confidence.

Ultra-Lightweight Components

The Callaway Epic Max Star irons feature an ultra-premium ATTAS Speed Series Shaft and a Winn Dri-Tac Lite Grip—both of which save additional weight.

Get An Expert Custom Fit

If the new Callaway Epic Max Star irons sound like a good solution to your slower swing speed, then swing by today and try them in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays. 

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to give you invaluable high-tech feedback as a vital part of our expert custom club fitting process.  

Come see the new Callaway Epic Max Star irons and improve your swing speed and distance with an expert custom fit today.