Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges


There’s nothing like improving your short game to improve your scores.

Being able to execute shots from 120 yards and in is crucial to going as low as possible.

Whether you’re hitting full shots into the green, chips, pitches, flops, or bunker shots, having the control to execute the shot you need is the key to success.

That’s where the new Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges excel.

They are custom designed to give you control on all types of wedge shots.

Spin Machines

Callaway calls the new JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges ‘absolute spin machines”—and for good reason.

They combine full face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in groove technology and an all-new raw face to give you the control you need to pull off every shot around the greens.

You get touch, feel and spin galore for the most precise and effective short game possible.

Confidence and Versatility

The Full Toe shape of the Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges provides more face area with an enhanced toe peak. 

This shaping works with the specialized C-grind to make short shots around the green easy to hit—especially bunker shots and high flops.

Imagine making it easier to add a little ‘Phil finesse’ to your game! 

Full Wedge Shots, Too

But improved performance around the green isn’t all the new Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges deliver.

These exceptional wedges are also built to perform well in mid and full wedge shots with great turf interaction.

Lock in your distance and hunt for pins like never before. Stick it closer for more par putts and birdie chances.

Controlled Trajectory

A key design feature of the Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges pushes the Center of Gravity (CG) higher, which creates a lower, more controlled trajectory.

This is the ideal way to zero in on your target and spin it close.

The Variable Weight Port System helps locate the CG away from the heel—for solid contact and feel.

Armed with a Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedge, who knows? You may start to feel like the great Seve Ballesteros, where the only limit to your short game is your imagination.

Premium Components

The new Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges come with a premium Lamkin UTx grip, True Temper’s newest Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 steel shaft, or a Project X Catalyst 80 graphite wedge shaft.

They are available in Chrome, Black and Custom models.

Swinging is Believing

To get the full feel of what the new Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges can do for your game, stop by and swing them in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays. 

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to give you invaluable high-tech feedback as a vital part of our expert custom club fitting process.  

Come improve your short game control with new Callaway JAWS Full Toe Raw Face wedges and get an expert custom fit today.