Callaway Rogue ST Irons and Hybrids


Callaway Rogue ST Irons

The new Callaway Rogue ST irons replace the Callaway Mavrik line of irons that were introduced two years ago and have been extremely popular game improvement clubs.

One wonders, ‘Why replace such a huge hit?’

Well, the answer is pretty simple: 

Because Callaway has added a slew of new improvements to the new Rogue ST irons.

From new A.I. designed Face Cup technology with high strength 450 steel…

…to dramatically increased tungsten weighting…

…to a more innovative use of Callaway’s patented Urethane Microspheres…

…the new Rogue ST irons are now faster, longer, and more forgiving than the Mavrik line they’ve replaced.

Let’s take a closer look at these exciting improvements and how they can help your iron play.

450 Face Cup Designed By A.I.

Callaway loves being first with innovation, and the new Rogue ST irons are the first irons ever with a 450 stainless steel Face Cup designed by artificial intelligence. 

Typically, multi-piece iron construction features a flat face welded into an iron body.

But a Face Cup actually cups over the top line, sole, heel and toe and is welded onto the body.

In the case of the Rogue ST irons, Callaway has combined the higher strength advantages of the 450 alloy with the Face Cup and A.I. design to produce a system that increases ball speed, while controlling launch angle and backspin.

This is what every iron designer dreams of doing right. 

Because with irons, it’s not just about hitting the ball as far as possible—it’s about landing shots as well as getting them up the air.

The secret is optimizing ball speed—and that’s what the new 450 Face Cup with A.I. does so well for the new Rogue ST irons.

Massive Tungsten Weighting

As for controlling launch angle and backspin—the other two critical elements in designing a great game improvement iron—Callaway has used tungsten (and a ton of it!) in the design of the new Rogue ST irons.

While the Mavrik lineup averaged 17 grams of tungsten in each iron, by comparison the new Rogue ST Max OS Lite model has 46 grams. 

And that’s the least amount of tungsten in the four Rogue ST iron models.

The standard Rogue ST Max has 62 grams of tungsten in each head—or, 250 percent more tungsten than Mavrik.

Clearly, you can’t overdo tungsten!

The Advantage of Tungsten

Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s Senior VP for R&D, explains the benefits of tungsten this way:

“By using tungsten, we can move weight very efficiently to different parts of the head to alter the center of gravity and modify moments of inertia.”

“When we do that, the center of gravity position starts to work more in synchronization with the face, so we can produce high ball speed and control launch angle and spin.”

“We’re changing the relationship between how we generate speed and how we control spin and launch angle by using a much larger amount of tungsten.”

Urethane Microspheres

The final piece of the Rogue ST iron success story is the use of Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres inside the clubhead cavity to absorb vibration and dampen sound.

They are a mix of microscopic glass spheres and soft urethane. The tiny glass spheres actually change shape and flatten at impact, giving the material the ability to flex along with the face.

In the Mavrik, the urethane microspheres filled the cavity up to the third groove from the bottom.

The new Rogue ST iron cavity is shaped differently, with room for the urethane microspheres up to the sixth groove.

With more urethane microspheres, more of the face where impact happens is supported, so sound and feel improve.

Four Rogue ST Models

As we mentioned, there are four new Callaway Rogue ST iron models to choose from—all featuring the same innovative design and A.I. technology.

Rogue ST MAX Iron – This is the flagship model that will appeal to the widest group of golfers—with refined game improvement shaping, incredible speed, forgiveness and all-around performance

Rogue ST MAX OS Iron – This is a forgiving game-improvement iron with high launch, wide soles and enhanced offset for high-to-mid handicap players

Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Iron – The most-forgiving new Rogue ST iron, with high-launch, increased lofts and wide soles in a lightweight package that’s ideal for seniors and women golfers

Rogue ST Pro Iron – The compact player’s shape and loft structure put this iron clearly in the player’s distance category, but its hollow body construction provides the help of a game improvement iron for low-to-mid single digit handicap golfers

Rogue ST Hybrids

Callaway has also introduced four new Rogue ST hybrids to complement the Rogue ST irons and deliver the game improvement performance you‘re looking for on longer shots into the green.

Each new Rogue ST hybrid model features such industry-leading innovations as Callaway’s all-new Jailbreak ST…the company’s high strength A.I. designed Face Cup…and Callaway’s precision tungsten weighting.

All of it engineered for optimal speed and forgiveness.

All-New Jailbreak System

Callaway’s new A.I. designed Jailbreak system has been completely revamped to promote speed and stability.

The two Jailbreak frames have been pushed to the perimeter to provide more stiffness, while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds.

A.I. Face Cup Optimized

For the high strength 455 Face Cup, Callaway has applied an all-new A.I. face optimization that includes speed, launch and spin.

This unique face pattern is customized for each model in the Rogue ST Hybrid lineup—to deliver the best game improvement performance possible.

Tungsten Weighting: Optimal Launch With More Speed

Last but not least, there is up to 24g of precision tungsten weighting in the Rogue ST hybrids for precise CG locations—to create optimal launch with more speed.

Four Rogue ST Hybrid Models

Like the Rogue ST iron lineup, there are four Rogue ST hybrids models to choose from, making it easy for you to build your set with the right combination for your swing.

Rogue ST MAX Hybrid – This is the longest model, built with slightly stronger lofts, to fit an extensive range of golfers who want speed, forgiveness and all-around hybrid performance

Rogue ST MAX OS Hybrid – This option features an oversized head shape with increased forgiveness and a draw bias (for those of us who tend to slice)—plus the widest loft offering from a 3 hybrid to an 8 hybrid

Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Hybrid – The easiest to swing, lightweight option has up to 15g of tungsten and comes with equally wide loft range offerings from 3- to 8- hybrids

Rogue ST Pro Hybrid – Geared to the better player, this model features a fairway wood/compact shape, a shallow face, and a neutral CG for the most workability in the Rogue ST hybrid line

All for One, One for All

The Rogue ST irons and hybrids can easily be combined to create the ideal set for your swing. 

You’ll get the game improvement qualities you need with the performance you want. 

And isn’t that the secret to playing better and having more fun?

Swing By & Swing Away

Stop by one of our four stores today and test swing the new Callaway Rogue ST irons and hybrids in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays. 

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to provide invaluable high-tech feedback as a key part of our expert custom club fitting process.

You‘ll see all the performance data right on the screen as we provide you with an expert custom fit. It’s the best way to play your best golf with the innovative new game improvement Callaway Rogue ST irons and hybrids.