Cleveland Launcher XL Irons


The new Cleveland Launcher XL irons are bigger and better than ever—an excellent game improvement iron with a wonderful, solid feel.

They replace the two-year old Cleveland UHX game improvement irons, and when you try them in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays there are two things you’ll notice right away.

First, the new Cleveland Launcher XL irons may be the most forgiving traditional looking irons the company has ever made.

And second (and most incredibly), they may be one of the best feeling non-forged irons you have ever hit.

Cleveland has used artificial intelligence, along with good old-fashioned human smarts, to optimize both MOI and feel in the new Cleveland Launcher XL irons.

It’s a potent combination that can improve your game and make golf more enjoyable than ever. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these exciting new clubs so special.

A.I. and Mainframe

AI is quickly becoming a mainstay of golf manufacturing and R&D. 

Cleveland’s backbone AI innovation is called Mainframe—an optimized series of channels and cavities milled into the back of the clubface to improve COR and maximize ball speed.

It’s a unique twist on variable face thickness.

And it comes thanks to Cleveland’s supercomputer, which is able to create more design options in 24 hours than a team of engineers could come up with in a lifetime.  (Crazy, right?)

This technology has helped create a face that is optimized for the game improvement golfer.

An Amateur Test Group

How can Cleveland be so sure?

Because they have an amateur test group called the Launch Squad and have been collecting data from them ever since they got their first launch monitor.

“We compile as much data as we can,” says Cleveland R&D VP Jeff Brunski. “Such as where on the face does a10-handicapper hit his or her 8-iron. If you know that, you can design accordingly.”

And that can help golfers’ results remarkably.

Optimal CG Placement and MOI

Cleveland has optimized CG placement and MOI in the new Launcher XL irons, thanks to more AI.

The MOI is now 15-percent higher than the previous UHX irons, with a longer blade length and an optimized hosel length delivering a lot of heel-toe MOI and weight pad optimization.

In simple English, this means it’s easier for you to hit better shots, more often.

A Progressive Set

Just like their UHX predecessor, the new Cleveland Launcher XL irons are progressive in nature.

They feature a hollow body in the 4-through 7-irons and a cavity back in the 8-iron through gap wedge (or D-wedge, in Cleveland-speak). 

This progressive design pattern makes the longer irons easier to hit, and gives the shorter irons greater control.

Looks & Feel

Overall, Cleveland has intentionally given the Launcher XL irons a game improvement look, as opposed the sleek, metallic, monochromatic look of the previous UHX irons.

You know you’re holding a club that can help you make better contact and deliver better results.  And that inspires confidence.

Perhaps most remarkably, the new Launcher XL irons deliver a feel that is as close to forged as you’ll get in a non-forged iron.

This is unexpectedly sweet in a game improvement iron and worth a test swing all by itself.  Bottom line: you won’t believe how soft yet solid these irons feel.

Strong Lofts

The Cleveland Launcher XL irons feature strong lofts, which makes them true launch machines.

The ball flies!  

The lofts are engraved on the sole, so you know you’re hitting a 29-degree 7-iron, or a 44-degree pitching wedge. This helps build out your full set with the right wedge progression.

“A lot of mid-handicap golfers don’t quite know what they need in their bags,” says Brunski, “so having the lofts on the clubs makes their lives easier.”

Active Mass & Progressive Grooves

Like the Cleveland Launcher XL metalwoods, the Launcher XL irons feature Action Mass CB, which is Cleveland’s fancy name for counterweighting.

It’s an eight-gram weight at the butt end of the shaft, and it helps your swing feel more controlled.

It’s especially helpful for golfers who cast the club. Aided by Action Mass CB, you get in a better position at the top of the swing and can deliver the club more efficiently.

Progressive Grooves

Another new addition to the Launcher XL irons is Cleveland’s Progressive Grooves. 

They’re essentially loft-specific groove patterns.

The hollow-bodied 4-through 7-iron—built for distance—feature wider, flatter grooves for lower spin.

While the 8-iron through D-wedge have thinner, deeper grooves and laser face-milling for more spin and control on approach shots.

The Complete Game Improvement Package

The new Launcher XL irons are the complete game improvement package.

Bigger, longer and more forgiving, they feature exceptional feel and Cleveland’s latest AI design elements to help you play your best golf yet.

Take Some Test Swings Today

Come try the new Cleveland Launcher XL irons in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays today.

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to provide invaluable high-tech feedback as a key part of our expert custom club fitting process.  

You‘ll see all the performance data on the screen as you hit the new Launcher XL irons and we provide you with an expert custom fit. It’s the best way to improve your game and have more fun.