Cobra LTDx Drivers & Fairways


Cobra first introduced the LTD name in their drivers and fairway woods seven years ago.

It stands for ‘Longest Total Distance’, and last summer Bryson DeChambeau returned to the LTD driver head when he needed to recapture his mojo off the tee.

Back in 2015, the King LTD was the first driver to achieve zero CG, which translated to low spin and fast ball speeds.

This year, Cobra is introducing the latest evolution of LTD with a whole new family of drivers and fairway woods designed to provide you with the Longest Total Distance together with accuracy.

They’re called the Cobra LTDx drivers and fairways.

Distance and Accuracy

Unless you’re a scratch golfer, it’s always been the case that you can have either distance or accuracy with a driver.

And even then, we’ve all seen how Tour pros can sometimes spray their drives.

Well, with the new Cobra LTDx standard model driver, Cobra says you can have distance and accuracy, because the LTDx is the first driver ever with zero CG and a high MOI of 5200.

You get distance and forgiveness—for the Longest Total Distance.

club head of the Cobra LTDx

Three Heads Are Better Than One

There are three different Cobra LTDx driver heads to choose from—the standard LTDx, the LTDx MAX, and the LTDx LS.

Each one features three key technologies.

LTDx LS version
LTDx Max

PWR-COR Technology

Cobra’s unique PWR-COR Technology consists of multi-material internal and external weights that reposition as much weight as possible low and forward in the club head to increase ball speed and reduce spin.

An additional tungsten back weight makes Cobra’s fastest driver ever extremely forgiving and playable for a wide range of golfers.

Powercore technology
Hotface technology

H.O.T. Face

The previous Cobra E9 driver face has been replaced with the company’s H.O.T. Face, which stands for ‘Highly Optimized Technology’.

Using data and machine learning, Cobra has created a highly optimized face consisting of 15 different zones, each of varying thickness, to increase ball speed over a larger area of the face.

These zones maximize ball speeds on drives that are struck off-center.

And how often does that happen every round! The H.O.T. face is indeed a hot technology for a wide spectrum of golfers.

30 Percent More Carbon Fiber

The new Cobra LTDx drivers also employ a multi-material construction that features up to 30% more carbon fiber than last year’s Cobra Radspeed drivers.

A lighter and more stable titanium chassis maximizes the weight savings, while the T-bar chassis has been adjusted to sit lower to the ground and help lower CG and increase MOI.

(Getting the picture? The new Cobra LTDx driver is all about faster speed with more forgiveness.)

LTDx LS version

Cobra LTDx LS Driver

Like the Cobra LTDx driver, the LTDx LS driver has a large 460cc head, but it looks rounder and more traditional in its shape.

And it has the same attractive black matte finish on the crown.

Adjustable Weight System

What makes it different is an adjustable weight system of 3g and 10g weights that can be moved to either the front heel or toe to fine tune your trajectory.

You’ll love the stability of the head at impact and its exceptionally solid feel.

LTDx Max

Cobra LTDx MAX Driver

As its name suggests, the LTDx MAX driver has a large profile when you address the ball, but the black matte crown reduces that impression a bit.

The distinguishing feature of the LTDx MAX is how it combines max stability and max draw in one driver.

Adjustable Draw Settings

You can see the weights on the sole that are positioned back and towards the heel and increase both the height and draw-bias of your tee shots.

By adjusting the hosel to the draw setting, you can move your shots up to 18 yards further left, according to Cobra.

Which is a great way to say farewell to your slice.

Premium Aftermarket Shafts

Each Cobra LTDx driver model is available with select real-deal aftermarket shafts.

You can choose between a variety of structures and weight profiles to find your ideal performance.

Cobra LTDx Fairway Woods

The new Cobra LTDx fairways have all the key elements to deliver the best performance possible in a fairway wood.

All the great new Cobra LTDx fairways feature a faster H.O.T. face design for speed….PWR-COR technology for a low CG for high launch…and even more weight low and forward to create powerful distance.

In other words, they are the complete fairway wood package.

There are three different LTDX fairway models to choose from, making it easy to match the best one to your game.

The Flagship LTDx Fairway

If you’re looking for distance in your fairway woods, cast your eyes on the new LTDx model. 

This exceptional fairway wood features a balance of front and back weighting that creates the ideal combination of low spin, speed and high launch for maximum carry with stopping power.

What more could you want?

Cobra LTDx LS Fairway

The new LTDx LS fairway is Cobra’s lowest spinning fairway, designed for skilled players with fast swing speeds.

The 3-wood has a slightly larger profile and a low launch, making it an excellent driver replacement…while the Tour shaped 5-wood allows for all-around workability.

Cobra LTDx MAX Fairway

The third new Cobra fairway wood, the LTDx MAX, blends fast ball speeds with extreme forgiveness.

It features back and heel adjustable weights to provide more or less draw bias—meaning it can help reduce your tendency to slice or hook the ball.


Swing By & Swing Away

Stop by one of our four stores today and test swing the new family of Cobra LTDx drivers and fairway woods in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays. 

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to provide invaluable high-tech feedback as a key part of our expert custom club fitting process.

You‘ll see all the performance data right on the screen as we provide you with an expert custom fit. It’s the best way to play your best golf with the hot new Cobra LTDx drivers and fairways.