Cobra LTDx Irons


If you want more distance and more forgiveness in your iron play, the new Cobra LTDx irons are just the ticket.

They are designed for anyone who struggles with striking the ball consistently and getting enough distance.

As a result, they are among the very best game improvement irons on the market today—thanks to their innovative Cobra technology.

And make no mistake, Cobra is an innovator, despite being outside the top five largest club manufacturers.

For one thing, they make the single length irons favored by Bryson DeChambeau, and their latest tech innovations in the LTDx irons come in both standard irons and single length clubs.

Let’s take a close look at what make the new Cobra LTDx irons such a great solution for beginners, high handicappers and anyone who struggles with their strike and distance.

Pure Unabashed Distance

The first thing to be aware of is that the new Cobra LTDx irons have very strong lofts—as in a 26.5-degree 7-iron.

The only lofts stronger come in Titleist irons (which may surprise a lot of people).

PWR-COR Innovative Tech

It’s not just the lofts, however, that propel the distance in the new Cobra LTDx irons.

It’s also Cobra technology, which includes their latest innovation, called the PWR-COR.

The Cobra PWR-COR moves the CG even lower and right behind the impact zone, with a large portion of the internal mass moved forward in the form of a floating steel bar.

The bar floats in a soft, lightweight polymer that keeps it completely separated from the body, face and sole.

It makes the CG lower and more centered in the club head for a bit more pop. 

power core technology example showing a highlighted area in the club head and hosel

A Redesigned PWRSHELL Face

That pop is enhanced by Cobra’s redesigned PWRSHELL clubface, which adds flex at impact.

First introduced by Cobra back in 2016, PWRSHELL is an L-shaped clubface.

And in the new LTDx irons, Cobra has been able to make the bottom of the L larger—to the point where it serves as a large portion of the sole.

That’s because the new PWR-COR shifts a large chunk of mass completely off the frame.

The overall result is that Cobra has made the sole a lot thinner and much more flexible, and this, combined, with a thinner face, creates more deflection.

And that’s the ultimate goal for game improvement irons.

More Speed, Higher Launch, Less Spin

Explains Cobra’s VP of R&D, Tom Olsavsky, “This flexible system gives us more speed, higher launch and less spin.”

“We’re gaining a little bit of forgiveness while still keeping the CG super low. We’re also getting a little more deflection, which softens the impact and lets it leave with more speed.”

All in all, it‘s the ideal combo for lowering your scores.

A Larger Thin Face Area

The thinned out PWRSHELL face on the new LTDx irons has created a 23-percent larger ‘thin area’.

This had led to improved ball speed and distance on various impact locations around the face.

Notably, Cobra test data shows incremental increases on center strikes (largely the result of stronger lofts), while strikes closer to the heel picked up as much as 6.5 yards compared to the predecessor Cobra RADSPEED irons.

Bottom line: the new LTDx irons are stronger and longer on those off-center hits.

Easier To Bend

Another change from the RADSPEED irons is the elimination of the carbon-fiber topline on the new LTDx irons.

This makes is easier for our expert custom club fitters to bend these great new irons to the proper loft and lie for your individual swing.

To further enhance the LTDx bendability, Cobra has changed the iron body from 

17-4 stainless steel to a more pliable 431 stainless steel.

This allows the LTDx irons to be lie adjusted plus or minus four degrees and loft adjusted plus or minus one degree (in case you want them even stronger!).

What makes it different is an adjustable weight system of 3g and 10g weights that can be moved to either the front heel or toe to fine tune your trajectory.

You’ll love the stability of the head at impact and its exceptionally solid feel.

New Cobra LTDx ONE Length Irons

Cobra launched their innovative ONE Length irons in 2017, and since that time has sold over 65,000 sets and 1.5 million individual ONE Length clubs.

Company surveys show ONE length buyers are the most satisfied buyers of all its iron purchasers. 

Why? Because they work!

The new LTDx ONE Length irons are designed for enhanced consistency and accuracy in a shorter setup at 7-iron length.

They are perfect for anyone who struggles with consistent contact. And they feature all the same great tech innovations as the standard LTDx iron. 

Multiple LTDx Iron Set Options

With multiple LTDx iron set options available, you can choose from a set of LTDx irons of graduated length… an LTDx COMBO set with 5-hybrid…a set of LTDx ONE Length irons…or an LTDx ONE Length Combo set with 5-hybrid.

Cobra offers a variety of stock steel and graphite shafts, while they equip your new LTDx irons with Lamkin Crossline grips.

No matter what new LTDx iron combination works best for you, you’ll be armed with a set of the longest, strongest, most forgiving game improvement irons on the market today.

Swing By & Swing Away

Stop by one of our four stores today and test swing the new family of Cobra LTDx drivers and fairway woods in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays. 

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to provide invaluable high-tech feedback as a key part of our expert custom club fitting process.

You‘ll see all the performance data right on the screen as we provide you with an expert custom fit. It’s the best way to play your best golf with the hot new game improvement Cobra LTDx irons.