Custom Fitting You To A New Driver


At Golf & Ski Warehouse, we specialize in custom fitting you to new golf clubs since having properly fitted clubs is the foundation to helping you play better golf.

Aided by the latest club fitting technology, our expert custom club fitters use a process that assures you will have the right clubs for your body type and your swing.

Custom club fitting helps golfers of every ability, not just low handicappers.

Some of our happiest customers are mid-to-high handicap players who have seen their games improve following one of our custom club fittings.

Our driver custom fitting process will help you improve your results off the tee.

By allowing you to see, feel and understand the performance of a new driver and what it can offer you, our driver fitting can help you hit more fairways and lower your scores.

Here’s a look at our driver custom fitting process.

What’s Your Driver Preference

We start by getting a sense of what you’re interested in—whether it’s a specific new driver you’ve heard about, or a brand you favor, or a shape, look and feel you prefer.

Everyone has likes and dislikes, and we want to learn about yours. If you don’t have a preference for a specific new driver, we’ll recommend some for you to try, based on what you’ve told us.

Once we have narrowed it down to a few choices, our custom fitting process will determine which is the best model for you.

Man looking at screen of results from golf swing

The Numbers Don’t Lie

After you’ve warmed up in one of our indoor hitting bays or on one of our outdoor driving ranges, we’ll set you up in one of our fitting bays, where we use the latest fitting technology to measure your results and expertly fit you.

This technology includes Track Man4, Foresight Sports GCQuad, Foresight Sports GC2 and Flightscope Xi+ launch monitors, depending on which location you visit.

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These systems measure key elements of your swing and ball flight to hone in on the best model for your swing.

Spin Rate & Smash Factor

We’ll begin by having you hit your current driver—to see if the loft and shaft are optimal for you…or if you should try a different loft and/or shaft.

A couple good drives will provide your fitter with all the data necessary to recommend several new options, confirm your feelings with actual figures, and help you decide between drivers.

With each swing, we’ll measure launch angle, spin rate, and attack angle.

The most important numbers for a driver fitting are launch angle and spin rate. Higher launch and less spin equals more distance, and the new drivers make it easier than ever to optimize these conditions. Our fitters will help you compare launch conditions between each driver and find the one that provides the best results.

The other key element is ‘smash factor’— your ball speed divided by club head speed. The higher the smash factor, the longer you will hit it. You will find as we dial in your launch angle and spin rate, your smash factor should increase.

Seeing Is Believing

As your fitter helps you narrow down what works best for you, you’ll be able to see the results on the screen through our fitting technology.

You’ll be able to say, “This driver is definitely performing better for me.”

These days, every driver has a model that is draw-oriented to help reduce fades. There are also multiple shaft options—weight, stiffness and torque—that will affect your ball flight.

With our expertise and fitting technology, we can hone in on your tendencies and refer to the numbers to dictate improvements.

As the fitting process unfolds, you will see better results and have confirmation of what works best for you—both on the screen and through your own feel.

Landing in The Short Grass

Our objective is to help you hit more fairways and strike your second shot from the short grass.

That’s crucial to shooting lower scores.

Our average driver custom fitting takes 10-15 minutes. In Hudson, Greenland and West Lebanon, NH, you can also go onto the outdoor range to see full ball flight with the driver.

In Scarborough, ME, you can drive up the road to the Nonesuch River Driving Range for the same experience.

By the time you’re done with your driver fitting, you will be armed with the best model and specs for your swing—to help you hit your best possible drives and enjoy your best possible scores.

And what could be more fun than that?