Getting Custom Fit in the Callaway Performance Center

Since 2012, over 5,000 golfers have been custom fit for new golf clubs in the Callaway Performance Center in our Hudson, NH, superstore.

These golfers have ranged from high-handicap players to scratch golfers, mid-handicappers to professionals.  They’ve been men and women, juniors and seniors.

All have benefited from the exclusive CPC state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of our master club fitters—and played better golf with a better fit.

Many have seen their handicaps decline—some dramatically.

If you’ve wondered what the process involves, how it’s different, and why you can benefit from it, here’s a summary of how and why CPC custom club fitting works so well for golfers of all skill levels.

Proprietary Cutting Edge Fitting Technology

Callaway Performance Center logoThe first major difference in a CPC fitting is the proprietary, cutting-edge fitting technology that is used—known as the Callaway Performance Analysis System (CPAS).

Originally designed for Callaway R&D, CPAS uses high-speed cameras to capture 10,000 images per second of the club head pre and post impact and the resulting ball flight.

CPAS technology is used with PGA Tour Staff Professionals such as Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson, Patrick Reed, Michelle Wie and other top players to accurately capture their club and ball data. This data is then used by Callaway trained specialists to recommend the best clubs for the pros to play.

At the CPC in Hudson, this very same CPAS technology and expertise is available to you. It’s one of just 23 Callaway Performance Centers in the entire country, and the great news is that it helps golfers of every age and ability.

Huge Selection of Fitting Clubs, Shafts & Putters

On top of the unequalled CPAS technology and the highly accurate information it provides, a CPC fitting offers you a huge selection of fitting clubs, shafts and putters to try.

This means that as your club fitter works with you, every possible combination is available to identify the right match for your individual needs.

Your fitting will take place inside a spacious, private room, custom-designed for club fitting, and you’ll work with one of our Callaway trained master club fitters.

A Variety of Choices

Driver Fitting


1 Hour Fitting Session

Iron Fitting


1 Hour Fitting Session

Full Set Fitting


90 Minute Fitting Session

Putter Fitting


30 Minute Fitting Session

A 50% credit of your fitting fee will be applied to a related purchase within 30 days of your fitting session.

The Fitting Session

Before you start, it’s a good idea to warm up. We’ll gladly provide you with a bucket of balls to hit on the outdoor range or the heated/lighted outdoor hitting bays at our Hudson store prior to your fitting session.

outdoor drving range, view from the field

After you step into the CPC, your fitter will greet you, ask some questions about your game and your goals, and then measure the distance between your wrist and the floor.

You’ll hit a few balls with your current 6-iron or 7-iron, so your CPC fitter can capture some baseline data with the CPAS.

After each shot, a series of numbers will appear in the upper left corner of the large screen displaying a simulated fairway where you have just hit your ball.

Your fitter will explain what these number mean.

Dial In Your Irons

For irons, the most important characteristics to capture with the CPAS are launch angle, side spin and apex. You can see all these identified on the large screen in front of you.

Once you’ve hit a few balls with your own iron, your club fitter will be able to suggest club heads and shafts that he feels will maximize your results.

As you swing these customized iron combinations, you’ll be able to see the data on the large screen right in front of you—and gauge how much your key numbers for launch angle, side spin and apex have improved with each combination.

Ultimately, you custom fitter will help you hone in on the ideal club head and shaft for you.

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Check out Annika Sorrenstam hitting iron shots here in the
Hudson CPC.

The Ultimate Driver Fitting

The key qualities to measure for your driver performance are launch angle and back spin. Maximizing these for your swing will provide optimal carry and roll.

Because everything in the CPC is calculated at sea level with no wind, no hard ground, and no downhill slope, the system doesn’t juice the numbers the way some other fitting systems do.

The CPAS is all about accuracy, not ego.

So don’t worry if you feel your drives aren’t as long as you hoped. Your CPC fitter will adjust various driver heads and shafts to maximize your results and, again, you’ll be able to see the difference with each combination on the large screen in front of you.

By the time you’re done, your fitter will have identified the best driver for you, and you’ll have seen the proof in the data and distance.

The SAM Putt Lab

The CPC also features a special putting studio to custom fit you to the best putter for your individual stroke. Putter fittings consist of their own separate 30-minute session.

This is the best way to improve your results with the club you use the most.

Science&Motion Putt Lab (SAM) is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. It utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis, which makes it far more precise than any other system on the market.

Working with your CPC master fitter, you will use the SAM Putt Lab to analyze the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke, and within seconds see the results in easy to understand graphic reports.

Two men looking at a computer screen reviewing the putters performance

Selecting the Right Putter for Your Stroke

Using this data, your fitting specialist will determine the proper head model, shaft length, offset, loft and lie for your particular putting stroke. You’ll try different putters and find the best fit for you.

You can see the difference in your putts on the indoor putting green and on the graphic reports.

In addition to identifying the proper putter for your game, the SAM analysis will reveal even the smallest details of your putting movements, which will allow you to develop a better and more efficient practice routine.

The SAM Putt Lab is a remarkably effective way to discover your individual strengths and weaknesses as a putter—and make more putts!

Booking Your CPC Session

If you’re committed to playing your best golf this season, a fitting session in the Hudson CPC is an excellent investment. Remember, 50% of your fitting fee will be credited to a related purchase within 30 days of your fitting session.

So it’s a win-win proposition. You get the most precise fitting available to identify the best clubs for your game—so you can play your best golf yet—and receive store credit towards your purchase.

Call to schedule your CPC fitting in Hudson, NH, today. 603-595-8484.