Our Custom Iron Fitting Process


At Golf & Ski, we specialize in providing golfers of all abilities with an expert custom iron fitting—knowing that being properly fit to your clubs is the key to playing better golf.

Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a player with a higher handicap, our custom iron fitting process will help you hit your best iron shots possible.

We’ve helped thousands of golfers enjoy more success and have more fun, thanks to our custom iron fitting process. Here’s how it can work for you.

The Interview Process

We start with what we like to call the interview process—a helpful Q & A that allows us to gather information that is crucial to properly fitting you to a set of new irons.

As you warm up hitting balls in one of our high tech custom fitting bays, we will ask you some questions about your level of play, how often you play, your goals and what you’d like to improve.

Maybe it’s your accuracy. Or maybe it’s your distance.

We’ll ask what clubs you’re currently playing and if you have any bias for a particular brand or model.

Have you done any research? Do you have a specific club in mind?

Evaluating Your Level of Play

As you warm up and answer our questions, we’ll be watching to see if your self-evaluation of your ability is accurate.

Some people understate their ability, while others tend to embellish their skill. Watching you hit, we’ll be able to see if you’re a stronger player than you say, not quite as strong, or pretty accurate in your self-evaluation.

Our objective assessment of your ability is a big key to eventually matching you to the right iron model.

Different Brand & Models to Find Your Proper Category

Based on what you’ve told us about your bias for particular brands, your goals for improvement, and what we’ve seen of your ability level, we’ll begin to have you try some specific iron models.

Irons come in many different categories, and we’ll help match you to the best category for your swing and ability level, whether that is a blade, cavity back, game improvement or super game improvement.

As you try different clubs, we’ll use our state of the art fitting technology to confirm what our eye sees—assessing your ball flight and your distance.

State of The Art Club Fitting Technology

Our fitting technology includes Track Man4, Foresight Sports GCQuad, Foresight Sports GC2 and Flightscope Xi+ launch monitors, depending on which location you visit.

These systems measure key elements of your swing and ball flight to hone in on the best irons for your swing, including club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and dispersion.

We’ll check to see if your ball flight is too high…too low…or right where it should be.

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The Proper Shaft, Lie Angle & Grip

Once we’ve narrowed down your final choice for a brand and iron model, we will hone in on the final elements of your custom fitting.

If you’re especially tall or short, we will measure the height of your arm length to the floor, so we’re sure to provide the proper length club.

We may suggest a different shaft flex to alter your ball flight. If so, we’ll have you try other shafts, so you can see and feel the difference—all the while measuring the results with our fitting technology.

Typically, golfers notice the difference between different weight shafts. A heavier shaft provides a bit more consistency and lower trajectory for better players, while a lighter weight shaft is better for slower swing speeds to launch the ball higher and get more distance.

We’ll also tape the bottom of the iron to confirm your new irons have the correct lie angle for your swing plane, and check that you’re using the right grip size.

Every element affects your ability to hit the ball consistently, and we make sure each one is right for your individual swing characteristics.


As your fitter helps you narrow down what works best for you, you’ll be able to see the results on the screen through our high-tech launch monitors. We will compare the various models and head and shaft configurations to show you how the numbers improve.

You’ll be able to say, “These irons are definitely performing better for me.”

What’s The Best Set Configuration For You?

Man helping customer with club choiceAs the final phase of your fitting, we’ll ask about your preference for the configuration of your iron set. The key to your entire set is consistent gapping from club to club. You need to make sure you have a club for every shot and every distance.

Do you like hitting long irons? Or prefer hitting hybrids? How do the wedge lofts in the set match up with the scoring wedges you already have or wish to purchase?

We’ll help you configure your set so it matches what works best for your game. It’s completely flexible and we will customize it to your needs.

By the time we’re all through, you’ll know everything aligns and is expertly custom fit—from the model you’ve chosen to the set configuration, shaft characteristics, lie angle and grip size.

Hitting More Greens

Our average iron custom fitting takes 20-30 minutes.

By the time you’re done, you will be armed with the best clubs for your swing—to help you hit more greens and enjoy your best possible scores.

And nothing is better than that!

Swing by and see us today.