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Safety Guidelines

Golf & Ski Warehouse is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our employees and our customers. We will continue to monitor social distancing and hygiene mandates from the CDC and our state governments to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the requirements. Management will also evaluate our policies and procedures on a daily basis to make sure they align with our business practices and our stated goals.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our Safety Guidelines, please email us at [email protected].

Occupancy Limits

Until further notice, we have established the following occupancy limits for each store:

  • West Lebanon – 20 customers at one time
  • Greenland – 20 customers at one time
  • Hudson – 30 customers at one time
  • Scarborough – 20 customers at one time

If you are required to wait before entering the store, please maintain proper social distancing and line up on the sidewalk, using the markers distanced six feet apart. Parties that arrive in one car may line up together.

Phone Orders for Curbside Pickup and Shipping

If you prefer to order by phone, we will arrange for shipment to your house or curbside pickup. Please visit our phone order page for more information.

Customer Social Distancing and Hygiene Guidelines

  • Customers who are ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 are asked to visit us another day
  • Designated entrance and exit doors have been established to lessen close customer interaction
  • We request that all customers wear a mask or cloth face covering while inside the store
  • The City of Lebanon requires that you wear a mask or face covering while inside the West Lebanon store
  • Customers must maintain appropriate social distancing (at least six feet of separation) with employees and other customers unless it is impossible to do so
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the store. We ask that you use hand sanitizer when you: 1) enter the store; 2) before touching or trying on any product; 3) at the beginning and end of a fitting session; and 4) when you are at the register counter.
  • We ask that you only touch merchandise that you are interested in purchasing
  • Customers are required to wear your own socks while trying on shoes and boots
  • We ask that you leave all shoe boxes on the floor so we can wipe them down before returning the boxes to the displays
  • The putting green will be limited to two people at one time
  • Ski boot fitting stations have been established in each store with a plexiglass shield between the employee and customer
  • Customers are required to wear a mask and a pair of their own socks while being fit for ski boots
  • We ask that you place all helmets and goggles you try on in the designated bin by the display. Goggles and helmets will be disinfected using a UV light box before being returned to the displays.
  • We ask that you bring any gloves, hats and apparel that you tried on to the front counter, whether you plan to purchase them or not. These items will be removed from the sales floor for 48 hours. 
  • Social distancing safe zones have been established around the register counter and the fitting bays. We ask that you remain outside these safe zones until it is your turn. 
  • Checkout lines are denoted by markers on the ground, spaced every six feet. Please maintain the six feet of separation from other customers while you are waiting in line. 

Employee Social Distancing and Hygiene Guidelines

  • Daily health screening for all employees 
  • Employees who are ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 are instructed to stay home 
  • Employees who get ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 while at work will be isolated and sent home immediately
  • Employees are required to wear a mask or cloth face covering while on the sales floor and in common areas
  • Employees are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines (at least six feet of separation) with other employees and customers except when it is impossible to do so
  • Employees are required to wash their hands when they arrive for work and at pre-described points throughout the day
  • Employees are required to use hand sanitizer before every customer interaction
  • Employees must wear gloves while re-gripping clubs or performing other repair shop work
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed at each register to separate employees from customers

Cleaning Protocols

  • All shared surfaces at checkout will be cleaned between every customer transaction (counter, credit card machine, tablet)
  • Entrance/exit doors, glass display cases, fitting stools, plexiglass shields and other frequently touched items will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day
  • All shared surfaces in the fitting bays will be cleaned between each fitting session
  • Fitting clubs will be wiped down after every use
  • Display putters, golf clubs, carts and grips will be wiped down multiple times per day
  • Skis and boots will be wiped down with a disinfectant after sales interactions
  • Helmets and goggles will be disinfected in a UV light box after customer trial
  • All surfaces in the designated men’s and women’s restrooms will be cleaned every 30 minutes

Don’t forget!

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds several times per day
  • Avoid touching your face until after you have washed your hands
  • Practice good respiratory etiquette. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow rather than your hands
  • Smile! We will get through this together!