TaylorMade Stealth Irons


If you’re tired of being the shortest hitter in your golf group…or struggle to strike the ball consistently…or launch it high into the air…

…we have great news.

The new TaylorMade Stealth irons are a perfect answer for your game.

These excellent game improvement irons are absolute rockets off the face.

They deliver plenty of distance with lots of forgiveness on off center hits, and they’re easy to launch high in the air.

What’s more, they’re great looking, rivaling the sleek, sexy lines of the blades preferred by better players.

Could it get any better?

The new TaylorMade Stealth irons are the complete game improvement package in a stunning new look.

Here’s what makes them so effective and attractive for players looking to maximize their game improvement—and why they’re getting so much attention in our four retail store locations this golf season.

Updated Cap Back Design

The new Stealth irons feature TaylorMade’s proprietary Cap Back Design, first introduced in the company’s SIM2 Max and Max OS irons.

The Cap Back Design has been tweaked in the new Stealth irons, with the former steel back replaced by a new, low density polymer cap.

The multi-material design allows the face to flex more, delivering faster ball speeds and greater forgiveness without affecting the CG.

backside of club head showing composite material

New Toe Wrap Construction

The newest innovation in the Stealth irons is what TaylorMade calls their toe wrap construction.

This new element focuses on increasing iron performance where game improvement golfers need it most—lower in the club head.

In essence, TaylorMade has taken the weight from the high toe of the head and repositioned it low in the sole of the iron.

This lowers the CG and increases the launch angle for a higher ball flight—with more carry distance and better stopping power.

ECHO Damping System

The new TaylorMade Stealth irons also feature a number of other TaylorMade technologies that have been key parts of their previous iron offerings.

The ECHO Damping System stretches across the full face from heel to toe and uses multiple contact points on the face to absorb unwanted vibrations and provide a solid feel as the ball explodes off the club face.

Progressive Inverted Groove Technology

Another proven TaylorMade innovation in the new Stealth irons is their Progressive Inverted Groove Technology.

Located from heel-to-toe in the 4-iron through PW, this technology provides an ‘intelligently placed sweet spot’ behind the face, which provides ball speed and consistency across the most common impact points.

360 Undercut Technology

TaylorMade’s 360 Undercut Technology in the long irons creates stiffening topline ribs, and also provides flexibility and ball speed while maintaining a desirable sound and feel.

Last but not least, a fluted hosel design promotes lower and deeper CG placement for improved launch—while at the same time providing a clean look at address.

More Trust & Forgiveness

The new TaylorMade Stealth irons, with their thick topline, hosel and sole, will give you plenty of trust and deliver lots of forgiveness.

The brushed steel looks more inviting than the chrome TaylorMade has used in the past, which helps your confidence as you’re standing over the ball.

Progressive Offset & More Confidence

The Stealth irons get progressively more offset as you move up the bag—which is great if you want a standard look from your wedge and more offset in your 4-iron.

Looking down at the shorter clubs, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident.

As the irons progress from mid to long irons, they are also weighted to be more draw-biased to help keep your shots straighter.

Performance & Forgiveness

If you want to find extra yards with your irons, launch the ball higher, and enjoy added forgiveness on off-center hits, the new TaylorMade Stealth irons are the perfect solution.

They offer effortless power and help you out when you strike the ball poorly.

And they look great!

No wonder they’re proving to be the right answer for many golfers. Come see for yourself what they can do for your iron game.

collection of taylormade stealth irons aligned in a row

Swing By & Swing Away

Stop by one of our four stores today and test swing the new TaylorMade Stealth irons in our state-of-the-art indoor fitting bays.

Our stores feature TrackMan 4 and GCQuad indoor simulators to provide invaluable high-tech feedback as a key part of our expert custom club fitting process.

You‘ll see all the performance data right on the screen as we provide you with an expert custom fit. It’s the best way to play your best golf with the great new game improvement TaylorMade Stealth irons.