Titleist AVX, Velocity and TruFeel Balls


It’s a fact that playing a properly fit golf ball will help you shoot lower scores.

That’s because the individual qualities of a given ball, when matched properly to your swing and goals, can really affect your game for the better.

And we’re all about getting better, all the time!

Exceptional New Titleist Balls

No company offers more great ball options than Titleist, makers of the most widely played golf ball on the world professional Tours, the Pro V1.

But most of us won’t benefit from the qualities of the renowned Titleist ProV1, since we don’t have the swing speed to maximize its characteristics.

That’s where Titleist’s family of other outstanding ball options comes in. They offer you a host of great choices to find an excellent fit for your game.

The Industry Leader

Just like the ProV1, these other Titleist balls have all been designed using the company’s industry leading ball technology, their years of experience and acquired knowledge, and their state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

The result is a choice of balls incredibly well-crafted for different qualities and objectives—options that allow you to match exactly what you need in a ball for your game.

Let’s take a look at three great new Titleist balls that may be a perfect fit for you, based on their characteristics—and help you find the right match to lower your scores this season.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The new Titleist AVX is a tremendous option for many players who have a solid game without whiplash swing speed.

If you prioritize long iron distance through low spin and soft feel, but want the control of a 3-piece urethane golf ball around the green, the AVX is an ideal choice.

It has been improved this year from its core to its cover to provide just what you need from tee to green.

Reformulated Core

Titleist refers to the core of a golf ball as the engine—and for good reason, since it powers the ball forward.

The newest AVX ball has a reformulated core and a high flex casing layer that combine to generate speed and low long game spin.

Exactly what you need to maximize your long iron distance.

New Aerodynamics

Longer distance also comes through the AVX’s new spherically-tiled 348 catenary dimple design, which delivers a more consistent ball flight.

Spin & Control

The softer cast urethane cover of the new Titleist AVX ball provides precise control on shots into the green, and also increases your greenside spin.

Incredibly Soft Feel

Last but not least, the core, casing layer and cover of the new AVX work in concert to deliver an incredibly soft and responsive feel for every shot throughout your bag.

It all adds up to a great ball if you want great length and great feel around the green. The AVX could be just what you’re looking for.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

If, on the other hand, you’re a distance hound who wants to maximize every yard with your golf ball, consider the new Titleist Velocity.

It’s been designed to optimize ball flight—for distance and height. The ball flies farther as it soars higher, which helps stop this special ball on the green.

The new Titleist Velocity also comes with extreme long game spin and playable greenside feel.

Faster Speed Core

The high speed LSX core produces faster speed, which translates to what Titleist calls ‘deep downrange distance’ for your game.

Distance & Dispersion

The 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design of the new Velocity ball provides a penetrating flight—again, for long distance—with tight dispersion.

We know that sounds pretty technical, but the bottom line is the Velocity flies—like, a long way!

Titleist TruFeel Ball

The third ball you might consider is the new Titleist TruFeel. It is the softest Titleist golf ball and the perfect choice for golfers who prize soft feel above everything else.

This year, the TruFeel ball has been recreated with a TruTouch core and TruFit aerodynamics for more distance in your long game.

At the same time, the proprietary TruFlex cover gives you excellent control into and around the green.

It’s a TruLy remarkable ball for any golfer who wants to feel the distance and the control.

TruTouch Core & Enhanced Aerodynamics

The unique core of the TruFeel ball is a fast, low compression design that generates low spin for long distance.

The enhanced aerodynamics also maximize flight, so you can experience more distance where your game needs it most.

Superior Control

You’ll also enjoy excellent greenside control with the TruFeel’s proprietary TruFlex cover, designed for excellent control on your short shots.

(And remember, around the green is where better play leads to lower scores and bigger smiles!)

So if you prioritize soft feel above all else—and still want the unmatched quality and performance of a Titleist ball—you’ll love the new Titleist TruFeel ball.

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