Tour X Individual Junior Iron

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Individual irons sized according to your childs height and age is an ideal way to introduce them to the game of golf.  Start with one, and go from there to complete a set of your own make-up.

Available in 4 sizes, all the irons have deep cavities for that extra help to get the ball in the air.  Each iron has a graphite shaft making it more forgiving and comfortable on those mis-hit shots.

Sizes include:

Size 0 - Ages 5 and under - 3'2" and under, blue

Size 1 - Ages 5-7 - 3'2" to 3'10",  yellow

Size 2 - Ages 8-11 -  3'10" to 4'6" ,red

Size 3 - Ages 12 and over - 4'6" and over, silver

Available irons in Size 0 are 5,7,9,pw

Available irons in Sizes 1, 2 and 3 are 5,6,7,8,9,pw,sw


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for size 3 of your individual Tour X junior irons how would the staff stiffness compare to an adult club

The Tour X size 3 comes with a graphite shaft that is fairly flexible. Much more flexible than the typical adult senior or ladies flex shaft.